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During the Month of March 2013 Singh & Associates (India) generated the most usage from the Mondaq users for this category.
At the end of every month, for each country, Mondaq analyses which contributing author firms were read the most by our registered business readers: 'Contributor Most Read'. Readership for all articles by that firm on that country is included. The reader may have come upon the article either on the Mondaq site,, via our personalised newsletters, or via one of our feeds to 3rd party sites. All readership for this article consists of real, identified individuals and no anonymous readers are included in the conferral of this award. Whilst Mondaq also distributes the same articles through major business systems like Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw, and Reuters we cannot track readership of articles through these systems and they therefore do not figure in the presentation of the award. Finally, 'country' is determined by the categorization of the article not the contributor e.g. if a US firm writes an article on an aspect of French commercial law the article is automatically eligible for the French and not the US award scheme.


Asian Lawyer

Asian Lawyer Magazine interviewed Mr. Manoj K Singh - Founding Partner for the January 2013 issue.
The interview was also published on - an ALM website.
to read the interview, please click here.


Law Awards

Singh & Associates was awarded the Arbitration Law Firm of the Year by Finance Monthly Law Awards 2012.
The firm has been nominated and voted for by clients and colleagues as the Arbitration Law Firm of the Year 2012 for the outstanding work it has done in this key practice area.
The 2012 Finance Monthly Law Awards celebrate firms that have innovated and stayed one step ahead in a very competitive market. In August 2012 the Finance Monthly research team began contacting its corporate readership to glean direct feedback regarding their experiences and the services received by law firms used. In parallel the readership of Finance Monthly was asked to participate in an online voting process and nominate their preferred law firm for 2012.
This process has led to a celebrated list of winners across the key practice areas in law. Each winner has demonstrated client care, innovation and above all, each firm has delivered results for their respective clients. The awards recognize those firms that have innovated and met the challenging business environment head-on by delivering first class results for their clients.


Legal Awards

Singh & Associates was awarded the Corporate Governance Law Firm of the Year by Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2012.
Singh & Associates has been nominated and voted for by clients and colleagues as the Corporate Governance Law Firm of the Year 2012 for the exemplary strategic management advice and legal counseling that it has provide over the years.
The Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2012 recognize the achievements of those law firms and individuals who have engaged and responded most successfully to the demands being placed on them in the new post-recession business environment and the recent global economic turmoil. The awards are divided into individual and firm categories and have been carefully chosen to reflect the range of practice areas and skills that lie at the heart of the successful law firm or legal department.
Over the past six months the Lawyer Monthly research team collected and collated votes through the online voting form. Each vote was compared against a strict set of measurable criteria in order to produce a list of finalists and the eventual winners.
Legal Awards celebrate firms that have achieved success both in commercial terms and in terms of innovation; whilst also considering the different challenges and contexts in which legal firms operate.


Indian Lawyer

Singh & Associates has been identified as one of the 105 firms in the second edition of INDIAN LAWYER 250 -an important series of special reports of the world's foremost legal markets.
Borrowing from Who's Who Legal's 16 years of independent research, and the result of intense research with clients and peers for recognition, INDIAN LAWYER 250 is an authoritative guide dedicated to India's legal marketplace and leading law firms.
Please click here for the link to the listing.