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Infrastructure management

India’s Infrastructure Sector: Key to Growth

Release On Thursday, April 10, 2008   Download Pdf

India’s Infrastructure Sector: Key to Growth by Vijay K Singh, Senior Partner, Singh & Associates

Government’s initiatives and investment

With the rapid growth of the economy in recent years, the importance and the urgency of removing infrastructure constraints have increased. Traditionally, power, railways, roads, ports, airports and telecommunications were the exclusive domain of the government.

Policy has changed gradually over the past few years under the pressure of rising gaps between demand and supply of infrastructure.

The government has made an effort to facilitate the entry of private enterprise and foreign investors into this sector through changes in the legal framework. The government has already taken many proactive measures such as opening up a number of infrastructure sectors to private players, permitting foreign direct investment (FDI) into various sectors, introducing model concession agreements. Some of the projects planned for the next five years include additional power generation capacity of about 70,000 MW, construction of dedicated freight corridors between Mumbai and Delhi and between Ludhiana and Kolkata, modernization and redevelopment of four metro area and 35 non-metro airports, construction and widening of highways and rural roads and development of ports.

With opportunities opening up in the infrastructure sector, private investment has been growing at scorching pace. The telecommunication, construction and power have already attracted huge FDI. Infrastructure is emerging as the leading destination for private equity...


India has one of the fastest growing economies of the world. India’s economic development has brought tremendous success for the country with a better global image. The existence and development of adequate infrastructure is an essential requirement for sustaining this growth momentum and to ensure required growth rate.



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