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Paving the road to sucess in India

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Paving the road to sucess in India               Vijay K Singh

An efficient transport system is the key infrastructural ingredient for any country’s growth process. In a liberalized set-up, an efficient transport network becomes all the more important in order to increase productivity and enhance the competitive efficiency of the country’s economy in the world market. Of the various modes of transport, roads facilitate the movement of freight and passengers, which helps both trade and commerce.

India has one of the largest road networks in the world. The economic reforms launched in 1991 have resulted in higher growth rates for the economy. Road traffic is growing at a rate of 7 to 8% per year while the vehicle population on roads is growing at a rate of more than 10% per year. This has resulted in larger investment requirements for infrastructure development.

The road infrastructure in India requires significant augmentation. The Indian road network consists of expressways, national highways, state highways, major district roads and village roads. The roads carry more than 60% of the freight and 85% of the passenger traffic.

With the number of vehicles growing at an average pace of 10% during the last five years, the development and strengthening of India’s road network is necessary in order to facilitate the smooth movement of freight and passenger. Faster roads add value in more ways than one. Besides reduction in vehicle wear and tear, and lower pollution and lower transport costs, there is much value addition to the property along the road side.........



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